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On Time

This feature has been designed to motivate your employees to fill in their timesheets on time through a system of rewards.

Or you can use it, just for administrative purposes.
To spot people who are late on a regular basis, and talk to them.


Every beginning of the year you give to all your employees a bonus which starts at 500 units. 
Each week, if they do not submit their timesheet on time, 10 units is taken from the bonus. 

At the end of the year, they receive something for the remaining amount of units: a gift, some free time, money, etc.

This is just an example and there are many different options you could put in place to motivate your employees submitting their timesheet on time.

Set Up

To start the setup, go to your Account Settings page and add the On Time Settings module to your page. 
(If you do not know how to add a module, read how to do it).

Once configured, you employees will be able to use the On Time Submits module to keep track of their progress.