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Module: User Details

Add a new user

Only an Administrator have access to this module.

With User details you can give access to the system for your staff:
  • Go to the page of the person. Or Add the person if she is not yet in the system.
    Locate the module User details

  • User email
    This is the user name.
    It is the main email address, the person will use to connect and receive emails from the system.
    You can change an existing email address.

  • Access rights
    Choose the access role for the user.

    This enables the modules a user can see.
    Based on the content defined in Settings >> Authorizations

    Here is more information about the various options available: Access rights and authorizations

  • Deactivate
    Allow to deactivate or activate a user.
    The user that is deactivated will not be able to access the system anymore.
    It does not mean the person is inactive. You can still fill a timesheet for this person.

  • Send invitation by email
    Click the button to send an invitation by email.
    The user will receive an email explaining how to connect and choose their password.

    Note: After a couple of minutes or less, the email should arrive.
    If the email does not arrive, ask the person to check her spam or junk mail folder.
    Try to send another invitation, but this time copy the link in the yellow box.
    Send the link to the person manually.

Reset the password of a user

You can reset at any time the password of a user by sending again an invitation.
Users can reset their password by themselves from the Sign In module too.

Google Apps users

If you have linked your account with your Google Apps domain.
There is no needs to add users manually.

When a member of your organization/Google Apps domain will click on the BeeBole icon 
in the Google navigation bar they will be automatically added as a user in BeeBole.
The default access role is Employee.
You can change this value from the module User Details to Manager or Admin.