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Weekly Timesheet

This is a classical weekly timesheet.

The rows are your customers, projects, absences,...
The columns are the days of the week.

You can find it in your home screen.

1. Select the activity

An activity can be: a company, a project, a subproject or an absence.

To record your time, click the box labelled: record your time on...
A black menu will appear, just below.

The menu has 2 categories:
    1. All companies an projects
      These are all the companies and projects that are active at that moment.

    2. Absences
      This is to record your absences related to your work (sickness, vacation, leaves,...)

Search for an activity

The quickest way to pick an activity is to start typing its name in the box.
Typing for instance: Vic will show only the activities that match these three letters:

You can use the up and down arrows from your keyboard, to go from one entry to the other.
If you press Enter the entry in orange will be selected.

You can use your mouse as well to select an entry.

Browse for an activity

This is a tree list, like the folders you have on your computer.
If you click on a customer name, it then unfolds to show the projects and finally the subprojects:

2. Select a task (if any)

If you have tasks defined in your settings, you will have to select one once you have selected the company/project.

  • You can pick the relevant entry with your mouse
  • Or type few letters to match the name of a task
  • Use the up and down arrows from your keyboard to go from one entry to the other.
    Then press Enter to select the entry in orange.

3. Record time

Once you have selected your activity and task. You should get a screen like this:

For instance, to record 8 hours on Monday the 25th for the first project.
Click with the mouse the cell of the 25th and type 8.
The time is automatically saved, as you type, and the cell becomes white.

4. Enter a note

If you want to type a comment on these 8 hours.
Start to type your comment directly, a yellow note will appear.

To close the note, either:
  • click the top left close icon
  • or press Esc or Tab.
Once the note is closed, a yellow mark at the top right of a cell shows you there is a note for the 8 hours.

To view or modify an existing note.
  • Go with the mouse over the 8 hours, and the yellow icon will grow. Click it.
  • Or once the cursor is next to the 8 hours, press the space bar
In both cases, the note appears.

5. Add another company or project

To add another row, click the button + Add a row in the top right corner.

6. Copy a week to paste it to another week

There is a button copy at the bottom left.
If you click it, all records for that week are copied(hours, company/projects, and comment).

Then you can go to another week, using the date field, or the previous/next period arrows and click paste.

7. Search for a row in your timesheet

If you have a lot of rows in your timesheet you can filter them using for example the project name in the search field placed next to the week days.

In this example, typing "jag" will filter the rows to only show the rows related to the customer Jaguar.
You can use the filter to search on customers, projects, sub-projects and tasks.