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Monthly Timesheet

The monthly timesheet is a list of all days for a month.

1. Add an activity

Click the day you want to record time to.
A box appears for that day:

  • Hours
    Enter the number of hours for that event

  • record your time on...
    Click the box, a menu appears.
    This menu and how it works are well described in the weekly timesheet

  • Comment
    If you want to add an additional comment on that time

Once you entered these details, you should get a screen like this one:

2. Close an activity

Click the top right Close and the form will close like:

3. Change an activity

To change an existing activity, click it.
The form will open and you will be able to modify the number of hours, the company or project, the task and the memo.

4. Move an activity to another day

When you go over the hours number (8 in the example), a small grip appears at the left of the number.
The cursor of your mouse should change to a moving cursor.

You can now drag'n drop the activity to another day.

5. Delete an activity

Go with the mouse over the activity.
Click the top right link: Delete

6. Copy an activity

Go with the mouse over the activity.
Click the top right link: Copy

Now, click the other days you want this activity to be copied to.

You can copy the activity on multiple days.
To stop the copy, either press Esc, or move the mouse cursor outside of the timesheet.