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Module: Team Calendar

The Team Calendar module allows you to display all hours done by your team or colleagues in a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, ... view.

With the Team Calendar, you can get an overview of the hours done by your team members or colleagues in just a few seconds, but you can also start planning hours in advance and see who are the employees who are "On the bench".

The module can be used in your Dashboard.

Administrators can add to the calendar all the employees of the company.

Team Leaders with a team will see all team members by default.

Clicking on the employee name in the left column will lead you to the employee screen where, with the right authorizations, you can adapt/plan hours in the Timesheet module.

Details for a Day

By moving your mouse over one of the boxes in the team calendar, you will see all the records made by that person on that day.

Change the Selected Time Frame

By clicking on the time selector arrows, you can move the view further in the future or go back in the past.
If you click on the date, in this case "September 2017", you will be able to select another time frame.

The example below is for a bi-weekly selection.