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Module: Subproject

A project can be divided in subprojects.
Once you add a subprojects, you can record working time only on these subprojects and not anymore directly to the project.

Go to the project you want to add subprojects to, and locate the module Subprojects.
If you click: Add a new subproject the following screen appears:

  • Name of the subproject
    Enter the name and it will be saved automatically as you type

  • ID
    Enter an ID if you need to see it in the export.

  • Is Active
    You can change the value to: Is not active.
    If a subproject is active, it appears in the timesheet. And is hidden if inactive.

  • Close
    Will close the form

  • Delete
    Will delete the subproject (if not used in a timesheeet)
    If you just want to prevent the subproject to be used in the timesheets, set it as inactive.

  • Add a new subproject
    If you click the button another form appears below