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Module: User screens

Use this module to modify the default screens of each user group: Employee, Team Leader, Project Manager, ...

Or to prevent some users to change their screens.
The top right menu Customize would disappear for them.

This module is available in Settings

  1. Select a group of users.
  2. Choose a template if you want all group to have the same screens. (See below for more information about templates)
  3. Tick the option to prevent users of the group to customize their screen. The screens are then locked, and the users do not have anymore the customize menu.

Use screen templates

The pages have a default content.
You can build your own default screens, that will be presented to employees. Here is how to do it:

Add the template user

  1. Add a new person in the system like you did for your staff.
  2. Name it "employee template" or something easy to remember.
  3. In user details, you can use a real email, or a dummy name like "employee_template"

You should end up with something like:

We will now login as the template user.

  1. Click Send invitation by email.
  2. A green box appear with some links. Copy the invitation link (the last one).
  3. Sign out (this is very important)
  4. Paste the link in the address bar of your web browser, and Type Enter
  5. Choose a password
  6. Now customize the screens you want for the employees.

Each time you want to update the screen, login as the template user.
If you loose the password you can always reset it with a new invite.

Link the template to a group of users

  1. Sign out, and login as an administrator
  2. Click Settings
  3. Add the module User screens to the settings page
  4. Pick the template user name

From now on, all the user of the group (Employee in the example) will have this screen as a default.
If you tick the box, the employees won't be able to change their screens.

You can repeat this operation for other groups(Team Leader, Project Manager, Contractor)

Note about how the templates work when locking the screen

If you tick the option "Prevent users of this group to change their screens", all user of this group will receive the template as you change it.

If you let the users customize their screen (the box is cleared), they may not receive the template screens.
The system will give them their own custom screens in priority, instead of the template.
To get the new template, these users need to reset their screens ( Customize >> Your screen >> Reset )

How to make the template user free from the subscription count?

To avoid paying for the template user:
  1. Go to the page of that template person
  2. Click Deactivate in Personal details and
  3. Click Activate in User details