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Module: Project Details

You can create new projects under a customer using Projects.

Fields Available

Name: the name of the project
Start date: employees will be able to select this project in their timesheet after this date only
ID: set an ID for the project.
A project of ... : the link to the related Company (here: Nike). If you click this link, you reach the screen of the company.
Description: a free text description for the project

To Deactivate a Project

And make it unavailable in the Timesheets of your employees
Click on the Deactivate button in the bottom-right corner
Deactivating a project will only make it disappear from the timesheet, all hours recorded on it will remain in your reports.

To Delete a Project

Click on the Delete link once the project has been deactivated.
Deleting a project will only be possible when no time records have been recorded on it (but during the 30 days trial when you create a BeeBole account)

To Reactivate a Project

Click on the Activate button in the bottom-right corner, when a project is inactive.

Assign a Group to a Project

Click on the Add groups button on the bottom-left corner.