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Module: Localization

The Localization module allows you to define your regional settings.

This module is available in the Settings screen of your account.

Please note, that you may also use it on Company branches or employees, if these require specific configuration.


The country where your company is based in.

Language for email

This is the language used in the emails sent by the system such as the reminders, user invitations, etc...
Reminders, Approval emails, ... can be set in the Timesheet Settings module.

Time zone

The Time zone in which your company is working. 
This option will help you to send reminders to your employees at a specific time or to set up the checking time of the "On Time" feature.

Decimal format

The decimal format you would like to use for numbers in the interface, reports and exports.


The main currency in which your company is working.

Thousand separators

The separator that will used for thousands in the interface, reports and exports.

List separator for exports

To set the separator in the files you will export from BeeBole as "," or ";" depending on the regional configuration of your spreadsheet tool.
If, when you open the "csv" file exported from BeeBole in your spreadsheet tool such as Excel, Numbers or LibreOffice, the columns are shown in one single column, you might try to change this parameter.

Time format

The time format you would like to use in your interface, reports and exports.

Week starts on

Define the first day of the working week.
The weeks start on will influence the way the weeks are presented in your Timesheet module.

Date format

The date format you would like to use in your interface, reports and exports. Make sure to set it up according to the regional settings of your spreadsheet tool to ensure that the dates are correctly displayed.

Non working days

Define the week-ends or non working days of your company. 
Non working days will appear greyed in the Timesheet or the Team Calendar module.
Non working days are used for the "On Time" feature. The "On Time" checks are not performed on non working days.