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Module: Custom Fields Settings

The Custom Fields Settings module allows you to create any custom fields for a specific entity, such as projects, customers or employees.
This allows you to extend BeeBole's standard fields with other values such as external IDs, project information, etc. and to use these values in reports.

By default, the module will appear in the Settings screen of administrators.
To navigate to your Settings screen, just click on "Settings" in the top right corner.
If you do not see the Settings link in the top right corner, you are not an administrator of your account.
If the module does not appear in your screen, just add it from the catalog (read how to add a module to your screen).

Add New Custom Fields

Just click on the "Add a custom field" button and fill in the name of your custom field. Then select which entity or entities it will be used for.

As soon as a new field is created in the Custom Fields Settings module, it will be available in the Custom Fields module where values are assigned.

Change & Delete Custom Fields

To update an existing custom field, simply move your mouse over the row and click on Change.
Click on Delete if you want to remove the field. Please note that if you delete an existing custom field, all assigned values will disappear as well.

Assigning Values and Using Custom Fields in Reports

This documentation explains:
  • how to assign values to custom fields
  • how to use these fields in your reports
  • how to create filters based on these values

Downloading a List of all Custom Fields Values

At any time, you can download a complete list of all values that have been assigned to your custom fields for each entity.

Just click on the "Settings" link in the top right corner.
Locate the Account module.
Under "Download your data" you can select to download a list of custom fields.

Give Access to Custom Fields to Others

By default the Custom Fields module will be available to administrators and team leaders.
This means that only people with these roles defined in their User Details module will be able to assign values to custom fields.

You can easily extend this access to other roles, such as project managers or employees, via the Authorizations module.
The Authorizations module appears by default in your Settings screen.

To give access to a new role, simply add the following line to the role:

Removing this line will prevent people assigned to this role from assigning values to custom fields.