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Module: Budget Status

With Budget Status you to track the budgets you have set on your projects.

Budget Status can be used:

    • in your home screen, it will show you all the active projects that have a budget set
    • in the screen of a company, it will show you all the projects for that company
    • in the screen of a project, it will show you the budget progress of that project

Budget with an amount

Go to your home screen. Click the top-right menu Customize

Locate Budget Status

And drag it to your screen. If you have set the budget of your project with an amount, you should see the module like below:

We see the company name(bee) - and the project name(project)

The budget is set at $16,000 by the vertical green bar in the middle.

At the left we see that nothing was billed yet. billing: $0

At the right we see that $16,000 remains to be spent and represent 100% of the project.

Go to the project and use the module: Billing Methods to put a value on the hours we record against this project. eg: $110/hour

Now if someone record hours against this project, these value will change accordingly. And the module: Budget Status will show you the progress in real time.

Here we see $7,920 were already billed, $8,080 remains to be spent which represent 50.50% of the project's budget.

If more hours are recorded and we reach 80% of the project budget, the color changes:

There's $2,800 left, meaning 82.5% of the current budget were already spent.

If even more hours are recorded and we run out of budget, the project will appear as follow:

In this case, we have an over-budget of $2,480.

Note the vertical bar showing the budget ($16,000) shifts to the left and is in red.

If you are using costs

If you assigned standard costs to your team members with the module: Standard cost

They will appear as well in the budget status, and you can monitor how the project performs cost wise.

We see we have $2,800 left to spend for the current budget and that our costs are at $7,200

Another example here:

We are running $2,480 over budget, but we are still ok regarding the costs.

If you don't use billing but only costs

If you don't put an hourly rate on the recorded hours for a project (no use of the module:Billing Methods), only the cost will appear in the module Budget Status.

And you will get something like:

$10,080 were already spent on the $16,000 budget. $5,920 are left which represent ~37% of the project.

Budget with hours

If you just want to set budgets in hours and follow the progress in hours you will have something like:

Were we can see that 168 hours were recorded so far. 332 hours are left from the 500 hours budget. It means 66.40% remains of the the budget.