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Module: Projects

With this module you can manage the projects of a company.
To use it go to the screen of a company.

The list shows the active projects of that company.

  • Click the name of a project to see the details of that project

  • If you click Add new project, at the end of the list, you will get a screen like:

    • Project Name
      Type the name of the project. It is saved as you type.

    • Click Display to see the details of that project

    • Click Close, to close the input box

    • Click Delete to remove the project.
      You cannot delete a project if it is used in someone's timesheet.
      If you want this project hidden in the timesheet you can inactivate it. 

    • If you want to add another project, click again Add new project

  • Click Show Inactives to show the projects that are not active anymore:

    • The inactive projects appears in gray.
      Click Hide Inactives, to show only active projects.

Note: Another module allows you to add projects too, from the home screen: Add a project