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Module: Account

The Account module allows you to configure your subscription (licenses, number of month, ...), enable API calls, manage your integration with Google Apps, download account data, audit trail reports, ...

This module is available in the Settings screen of your account.

Invoice History

This is where you can download all your invoices/receipts for your subscription payments.
Additionally, the receipts/invoices will be sent by email when you will proceed with the payment.


This is where you manage your subscription:
  • Add/remove users allowance for your account
  • Change the subscription period from one month up to one year (As a reminder, a yearly subscription get 10% discount)
  • Make payments
  • Change/remove your credit card details
  • Turn your account into a free account

Google Apps Integration 

If you use Google Apps for your emails, calendar, docs,... you can link it to your BeeBole account.
Once the two accounts are linked, you can sign in to BeeBole using your Google Apps account.

Here is a direct link to the Google Apps Marketplace to install BeeBole as a third party app for your domain and create a BeeBole account.

If you already have a BeeBole account and did not install it from the Google Apps Marketplace in the first place, 

If you use several Google Apps domains at the same time and would like to link them to one single BeeBole account, you may do so by entering all your domains in the ad-hoc field separated by ";".

It is also possible to link several BeeBole accounts to one Google Apps domain. In this case, the users will be presented with a list of all linked accounts to choose from at the log in.

Force users to log in with their Google Apps account

You can force users of your Google Apps domain to use their Google Apps account to log in BeeBole.
Just check the "Only SSO access allowed" box to do so.

Users will not be able to log in BeeBole anymore using the standard login/password method.

Download your data 

Projects Overview

The projects overview will give you a summary of all the companies, projects, sub-projects created in the system as well as the billing methods, tasks, projects managers or exclusive members linked to it.

Information will appear on a separate browser window in HTML format.

Download a list of ...

You can download a list of:
  • People, with detailed information such as active status, user role, team leader name, last connection date, ...
  • Companies, projects, sub-projects, with detailed information such as active status, project start dates, ...
  • Groups, and to which companies, projects, sub-projects or persons they are linked
Lists are downloaded as CSV files, which can be opened with any spreadsheet software.

Download the audit trail

The audit trail reports are monthly reports showing detailed information about the changes on time entries: original entry, updates, submission, approval, deletion, actors, ...

By default, the audit trail is turned off. Go to the Timesheet Settings module in your Settings screen to turn it on.

It will be downloaded as CSV files, which can be opened with any spreadsheet software.

Download a SOX report

The SOX reports are quarterly reports showing an overview of all approvals and submissions per week.

By default, the SOX report is turned off. Go to the Timesheet Settings module in your Settings screen to turn it on.

It will be downloaded as CSV files, which can be opened with any spreadsheet software.

Enable/Disable API calls 

Enable or disable the API calls to your account.
The API documentation is available at

Delete your account 

If you decide to leave our service, you can delete all your data from BeeBole.

It is a 2-step process:
  1. First you request the deletion. To avoid errors or abuse, all administrators will receive an email notification.
  2. And after a week the data are deleted from our systems.
This process cannot be undone after the second step. All data are deleted from any support.