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  • Absences
    Define which absences(time off, leave,  holidays, vacations, ...) staff can record in their timesheet

  • Absence quotas
    Define a quota for some absences. And let the system check the balance and prevent recording hours over the allotted time.

  • Account
    Manage your account

  • Add a company
    Add a new company( customer or a branch of your own company)

  • Add a person
    Add a new person. It can be a staff, a contractor or a contact person

  • Address
    Set the address of a person, a project or a company

  • Approval
    Get a weekly or monthly overview of all the timesheet of your team. Approve or reject submitted hours.

  • Bank details
    Add a bank account to a person or a company

  • Billing Methods
    Define how you want the time to be billed, per customer, project, task, people,...

  • Budget
    Set budget on your project. In time or money.

  • Chart & Table
    Fetch all sort of data in a table or charts. Use the predefined reports, or extend/build them yourself

  • Company details
    Main data for a company, name, ID,...

  • Current employment
    Tell which company a person is working for, a role, and a comment

  • Custom module
    Allows you to add external content to your screens, eg: Google calendars, inbox, ...

  • Email, phone, url
    Store emails, phone numbers or urls for people and companies

  • Export Settings
    Set up the header, footer and paper format of your PDF exports

  • Get Help
    Simple form to send us a support request

  • Google Docs & folders
    Allow you to link google folders to a person, project or company

  • Google maps
    Show a map of the address of a person, company or project

  • Groups
    Groups are categories you can set up in the system, such as: Departments, Locations, Matrix organization, ... to extend your reporting capabilities or speed up selections of large population

  • Import
    Import clients, projects, tasks and people

  • Localization
    Sets localization settings, such as timezone, country, date format, ... for companies, project or people

  • On Time Settings
    To configure the On Time feature which allows you to motivate your employees to submit their timesheets on time.

  • People
    The list of people working for a company

  • Person details
    Main screen for a person with name, picture, status,...

  • Projects
    Manage the project for a company

  • Recents
    Recent entities you used. As well as an access to all the entities you have in your account

  • Report
    Create timesheet data reports and export them to PDF, spreadsheet or Google Drive

  • Sign in
    Sign in screen

  • Standard cost
    Allow you to set a standard cost on staff. This is useful if you want to evaluate the profitability of working hours.

  • Subprojects
    Divide your projects in smaller unit, called sub projects

  • Task details
    Define some cross customer/project activity. To get cross customers/project stats.

  • Tasks
    Get the list of the tasks.

  • Team
    Setup an org. structure. Define who is the leader of a team. And restrict timesheet approval and reporting data to the teams.

  • Team Calendar
    Display in a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly calendar the hours done by your team or your colleagues.

  • Themes
    Configure the look and feel of the app. This module is currently disabled

  • Timesheet Settings
    Define various settings related to the timesheet: reminders, max/min quantity,...

  • User details
    Data of the user. Reset a password. Invite new users. Remove access to a user.

  • User screens
    Choose the modules you want your user to get by default using a template user.
    Avoid some group of users to change their screens