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BeeBole Timesheet Mobile

Here's a walkthrough of how to enjoy your favorite features on the Beebole Timesheet mobile app - available online and offline.

First things first, Beebole Timesheet for mobile is not a regular native app. It is a new generation mobile web app also known as Progressive Web Apps, designed to give the same high-level results and performance as you would expect from a native app, but with the added bonus that it's connectivity independent, so YES, it works OFFLINE.

It's available on:

  • iPhone
  • Android phones such as Samsung
  • and any other smartphone (Microsoft, Blackberry, etc.) running a recent web browser like Opera Mini or Firefox

To download Beebole to your phone: Go to the web browser on your mobile (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and type this URL: https://beebole-apps.comAfter entering your login/password to log in, or connecting using your G Suite account, you will be automatically redirected to the BeeBole Timesheet mobile app.

Add BeeBole Timesheet to your Home Screen
After a few seconds, a pop-up will prompt you to add BeeBole Timesheet to your Home Screen.
Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to have direct access from your Home Screen.

On iPhone Safari, click on the Share button, located at the bottom of your screen and represented by a square and up arrow. 
The iOS Share Sheet should be displayed. Scroll to the right, if necessary, and tap the choice labeled as Add to Home Screen. The option to change name and URL will appear and the link Add will show on the top right corner of the screen. Tap on Add and it should appear as another app on your screen.

On Android Chrome, tap the menu button and tap Add to Home Screen. You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.

Track Time and Add New Entries to your Timesheet

To add new entries to your Timesheet, click on the + icon situated on the bottom right corner.

The detailed screen for the timesheet entry will appear.

Top Bar Information

  • Clicking on the arrow on the left will lead you back to the main weekly view.
  • The date displayed is the date of the time entry you are creating/viewing.
  • The hours displayed is the total of hours recorded on that day.
  • Clicking the Trash icon on the right will delete the existing entry and lead you back to the main weekly view.

Recording the Time Entry Duration and Adding Comments

You have various options  to record the number of hours:

Duration: Define the number of hours in decimal form or in hours and minutes depending on the account configuration

Start Time and End Time: Manually select the start and end time of an entry. You may also choose the start and duration time and the end time will be calculated automaticallyStart time will automatically be filled in with the last end time recorded in the system for that day.

Timer: Click on the stopwatch button situated to the right of the Duration field to start a timer.

Click on the stop button to end time tracking.

  • You can leave the BeeBole Timesheet app while a timer is running.
  • You can run several timers at the same time.
  • Timers will be displayed at the top of the screen when you are in the main weekly view. Click on the timer to go to the detailed view and stop it.

Add a comment: click on the Comment field to add a note to your time entry.
Once you click, the field will be displayed on the whole screen to give you more room to enter your comment.

Select the project and customer you want to work on

You can select from a list of favorites or search the catalog for projects/customers.

Favorites are automatically added based on new projects/customers you previously added to your time sheet and they will appear right below your time entry. If a favorite is no longer needed, just delete it from the list by clicking on the X located on the right.

Search the catalog for customers/projects that don't appear in the Favorites list.

You can navigate the catalog by clicking on the list of customers/project.

Or, you can search for a project/customer using the search field at the top of the catalog screen.

Alert Messages

An alert message will be displayed in some cases and depending on the settings.
For example, if the account is set up to not allow more than 8 hours per day and you try to add more, the following alert will be displayed:
The time entry will not be saved until the issue is solved.

Copy/Paste Time Entries

On days when a time entry already exists, the copy button will be enabled.
Click on it and move to the day for which you would like to paste the time entry.
Click on the Paste button.
All time entries will be copied.

If you copy time entries that were already submitted for approval or approved, ... 
they will be copied as a draft and won't keep the same status as the hours they were copied from.

Change Existing Entries

Click on the time entry in the main weekly view to access the detailed screen and make changes.
Only time entries in draft and rejected mode can be changed.

Delete Entries

Click on the time entry in the main weekly view to access the detailed screen. Then, click on the trash icon located on the top right corner.
Only time entries in draft and rejected mode can be deleted.

Navigate Between Screens: Days, Weeks & Today

To navigate from day to day, you can directly click on a day in the top bar
or you can swipe to the left or right of the main area where time entries are displayed to move to the previous or next day.

To navigate from week to week, you can swipe to the left or the right the day of the week bar to go the previous or next week.

To return to the Today screen, click on the calendar button at the top of the screen.

Send for Approval

Click on the Menu button in the top-left corner and choose "Send for Approval"

You can decide to submit a day, a week or a month.
All time entries in draft and rejected status will be resubmitted for approval.

The total of hours submitted is on the right of each of the options.
These totals will be displayed in green if all is correct and in red if one of the features that prevent submission under a certain amount of hours is enabled.

Using BeeBole Timesheet OFFLINE

BeeBole Timesheet can be used OFFLINE.
All of the features are available offline and should work even when your phone is not connected to a network, except for the Send for Approval option which can only be performed online.

Depending on the configuration of your account, certain checks can only be done while online.
As soon as your connection returns, these checks will run.
Alerts for revision will appear if an issue is found and they will keep appearing until all issues found with time entries while the device was offline are solved. See example.

Other Menu Items

  • Send for approval: see the Send for Approval section of this document for more information.
  • Settings: this option will only appear for Administrators and Managers of the account. You will be navigating through a mobile version of the desktop app where all features are accessible, including approval, customers/projects creation or changes, reports, and more. For more information, check this help section dedicated to Mobile Settings.
  • Documentation: it will link you to this support section.
  • Contact Support: only available to administrators. It is a direct access to our support team.
  • Sign out

Changing your Interface Language

To change your interface language, Sign Out
and in the Sign In screen, select the right language on the bottom right corner of the screen, then log in again.
BeeBole Timesheet is available in 8 languages.