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BeeBole Timesheet Browser Extension

Enhance your work experience with Beebole extension

The Beebole extension is designed to help the employees easily fill in their timesheet. It is aimed to be a simple yet useful tool with multiple features that helps users being more productive.

Installing on Chrome

Installing on Firefox

Installing on Edge

Start with the Beebole extension

Enable the Beebole button on a webpage

You can enable the Beebole button for a specific website by clicking on the icon of the extension located. By default the Beebole button will appear in the top right corner of your webpage. If you are not connected to Beebole you will be redirected to the sign in page.

Drag the Beebole button to a convenient position

The button can be dragged to the position that suits you the best. The position of the button is saved by website, meaning you can keep the button on the top right corner of one website and have it positioned on the bottom left for another.

Open the Beebole button

To open the button simply click on it. Once opened the button will still be fully draggable so that it can be positioned at the ideal place.

Record the time you spend working

Use the timer

You can start the timer by pressing on the Start button. You should see the Time worked field being updated with the time. To stop the timer simply press on Stop.

Directly input your duration

Another way of recording time is by directly editing the Time worked field. This field can only be edited when the timer is not running and when the Start and End time option isn’t set as mandatory in the Beebole timesheet settings on the official website.

Select start and end time

You can also use the From and To fields to input your work duration. These fields are visible only if the Start and End time option is enabled in the Beebole timesheet settings on the official website.

Select the project and customer you want to work on

Navigate through your projects

To select a company/project you can use the select box underneath the search bar. To navigate back to the previous selection, use the navigation bar situated above the search bar.

When you select an entity the next level is shown. For example when selecting a company, the projects of this company will be displayed, and when selecting a project the sub-projects will be displayed, etc. 

If enabled, tasks are considered as the lowest level of each entity. For example after selecting a sub-project, the tasks of this company will be displayed. If a company doesn’t have any projects the next level will be the tasks.

Use the search bar

To easily find companies, projects or other entities you can type in your search keywords into the search bar.

Adding comments

To add a comment simply type it in the comment section beneath the company/project select box.

When you copy paste some text from the current webpage into the comment section, the extension will automatically remember the position of the text you’ve copied and the next time you browse this webpage with the extension enabled, the text situated at the saved location will be copied into the comment section. For example this will save you from copy pasting each time the title of different articles on the same website.

Resetting/New entry

The reset button will clear all the data from the extension and move to a new entry in the timesheet.