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Google Sheets Add-on


Use the BeeBole add-on to enhance your Google Spreadsheets and retrieve real time data from your BeeBole account. Design pivot tables, charts, and complex calculations to build the perfect report.
You can even send periodic, automatic emails with the updated report to specific recipients.


From your Google Spreadsheet, simply click on Add-ons >> Get add-ons and search for BeeBole

Click on FREE to install. The add-on will become available in any Google Sheet moving forward.

The system may prompt you to grant authorizations to the new add-on. Click on Allow to ensure the add-on can be executed.

Connect to your BeeBole account

BeeBole is a secure application that requires user credentials to connect to it. 
Retrieve your API Token from BeeBole and assign it to your report so the system knows who is requesting the data.

Run Report

To retrieve the latest data from BeeBole, select the option Run Report. This will update the sheet called Results (or will create the sheet if it does not exist). It is best practice not to manually update the Results sheet.

The selection screen will show the same options as any BeeBole report:
  • Date range
  • Hours type
  • Approval status
  • Columns

Here are some examples of Google Sheets reports generated with the add-on:


Schedule & Send Report

To schedule automatic emails with your report, select the option Schedule & send report.
Select the period you wish to run the report for, and when to run it. Enter the email recipients and subject line. If sending to multiple recipients, separate them by commas (,).

You may also choose to send the report as a PDF attachment.