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Go to the home screen, a company, a project or a person

How to go to the home screen:

Click the top left Home icon.

Here are the various way you can view or change the data of an Entity (company, a project, a person, etc.)

Search for an entity

In the top bar of the screen there is a search box.

Start to type, in that box, the name of what you are looking for, eg: ba

A menu appears to show you the entities that match the letters you typed so far.
It can be any portion of the name. eg: Archibald has the letters ba in the middle.

The search shows both actives and inactive entities.

If you type letters that do not match any entity, the letters you typed will appear in red and strikethrough 

The search result is limited to 25 items. At the bottom of the menu there is a gray warning about it.
It this occur, type more letters in the search box to refine the search.

If the search returns various types of entities, the result are sorted by entity type(Company, Person, Project).

Go to the recent entities

You can view and go to the last entities you visited using the module: Recent


By the links inside other modules

Some modules make a reference to an entity.
For instance when you look at the module: Project Details, there is a reference to the Company this project is related.
If you click the link, you access directly the Company's screen.

Understanding the breadcrumb

The breadcrumb is located at the top left of the screen.
It shows you where you are in the app:

The value in the example is: Home -> BeeBole -> Mike
    • It means you are looking at the personal details of Mike.

    • If you click BeeBole, you go to the screen of the company BeeBole.

    • If you click the home icon, you go to your home screen

Back and Forward buttons

If you click the back or forward button that you have in your browser.
You will go through the sequence of the entities screens you have visited so far.