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Get Started in a minute

Here is a quick 10-steps guide to start with BeeBole:

A few steps to add a customer, a project and log some hours with a comment:
  1. Click the top left Home icon

  2. Locate the module Add a company. Type the name of the customer and click Add

  3. You get the page of the customer. Locate the module Projects. Click Add new project.

  4. Type the name of the project

  5. Click again the Home icon

  6. Locate Timesheet. Click the box: record your time on... 

  7. Type the name of the project you just added a menu will pop-up, pick the project

  8. Pick a task (this can be removed/changed in settings)

  9. Enter the number of hours for a day, eg: 4

  10. Type in the note field a comment eg: my first note

Do more with BeeBole

Or go to the home page to enable budget tracking, billing of hours or configure reports.