How do I update my Google Apps connection to OAuth 2.0?

Checking which OAuth standard you’re currently using

Google Apps admins can check the Marketplace Apps from the domain console to see which version of OAuth their BeeBole account is using to connect to Google Apps. Only accounts created later than the 3rd of July 2014 will probably be using OAuth 2.0 already.

1) Access your Google Apps admin console by clicking the Google Apps settings gear icon and selecting Manage This Domain

2) Select Marketplace Apps

3) On the Marketplace Apps page, you will see icons for your installed apps.

The multicolor Google Apps icon indicates an OAuth 1.0 installation:


The BeeBole icon indicates an OAuth 2.instalaltion:

You will want to remove the OAuth 1.0 version and install or keep the OAuth 2.0 version of BeeBole.


Removing BeeBole OAuth 1.0

If you see the multicolor OAuth 1.0 icon for your BeeBole account, as indicated above, your Google Apps administrator can move your account over to the new connection by first removing your current version of the BeeBole connection, and then reinstalling the app.

1) From the Marketplace Apps page in the console, click the BeeBole link

2) Click the Delete BeeBole link at the bottom

This will leave your BeeBole account intact and allow it to reconnect to Google Apps by reinstalling the marketplace app.

Reinstalling BeeBole with OAuth 2.0

Once the OAuth 1.0 version is removed, your Google Apps administrator can reinstall BeeBole from the updated Google Apps Marketplace page for BeeBole.

That should do it! Your BeeBole account will now be connecting to Google Apps using OAuth 2.0.