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Export your timesheet data to PDF, spreadsheet and Google Drive

If you want to:
  1. Export your data to PDF and submit branded reports to your customers
  2. Print your timesheet data to submit to your manager
  3. Build a Spreadsheet report with a specific set of columns
  4. Export your data to Google Drive
You should use the Report module.

Export your Charts data to spreadsheet

Once you have built a report with the Chart & Table module, you might want to extract the timesheet data related to your selection and chart.
To do this, just click on the CSV icon at the bottom right of the module.

If, when you open the CSV file, the data appear in one single columns instead of several columnsplease read how to solve this issue.

Export to Quickbooks

If you want to export your timesheet data to Quickbooks, we have a dedicated module for that.